Film Services

   Wolf Studios offers Las Vegas filming services

for promotional videos, commercials, live show

and more.  We have teamed up with Jeremy Settle

of Got Films to offer over 30 years experience in

the film industry. Our film packages are specially designed for our Las Vegas studio and for  your location as well within Las Vegas.

Voice Overs

We offer a full range of voice over services with

our talented artists for commercials, Promo Videos, radio, T V & film.  Preview artists promos, select background track, submit script and order online.

Studio Rentals

     Las Vegas studio rentals for Film Screenings, Rehearsals, Castings, Presentations, Filming, Photography, Broadcasting and more are available

at Wolf Studios. We offer multiple packages from

"House Lights" for rehearsals, castings and photographers to our "Show Time" package

with all the bells and whistles of our

lighting and effects system.

Shows & Episodes

Featuring special guests Sammy Shore,

Seth Grabel and Kento hosted by Bruce Radel

with special performance by Seth Grabel

on this Episode 1 of Vegas Talent Live!

Join Muggs and Toast on one of their adventures in this comedy animated series as they knock over their next heist trying to pay the rent.


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  • GILBERT vs. ARCHIE0:30